Monday, March 15, 2010


27 Weeks

I went to the Dr. today for my glucose test to find out if I have gestational diabetes, big fun. I had to do without sugar all day on Sunday. That makes you want sugar even more! But I made it so I'll find out the results in a few days. On Wednesday I'll be 28 weeks which is the beginning of the third trimester! Kind of hard to believe! Judah is moving around a lot and it's reassuring to know that he's growing well and has a strong healthy heartbeat.

Me, Whitney, baby Emery and Kendra

Last weekend I was able to go home and visit my good high school friends Whitney and Kendra. Whitney had Emery back in January and I was able to go to the hospital and visit her that very day. It was very exciting as I was in Korea for a lot of my other friends' births. Emery is doing so well and growing fast! Kendra and I were able to hang out and go shopping in Charlotte, even hitting up IKEA. I also went to Cherryville and was able to see my parents and have dinner on Friday night. It was hard getting mom away from work for a few hours. The dreaded busy tax season is upon her and she barely has time to eat.

Me and Carly

Last week I also had my work baby shower along with my co-worker Carly who's due this Thursday! It's been really nice going through my pregnancy with Carly. She always keeps me updated on what to expect next! We're almost exactly 3 months apart so our maternity leaves will butt up right against each other. The shower was really nice and it was such a blessing! They all put their resources together and we received 2 very generous gift cards to using in buying things we need for the baby!

Natalie is coming to visit next weekend and we're going to paint the nursery! I look forward to getting started with it so I'll make sure to make updates along the way so ya'll can see our progress. You know for the tens of you who follow our blog. :) ~ Leslie

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Michelle said...

I follow your blog!

You're so cute, Leslie! We'll be in WF for a couple of days in April...does small group still meet? We'd love to see everyone.