Monday, May 31, 2010

Judah Willis Crane

Judah Willis Crane, was born May 31 at 3:42 am, he weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz and measured in at 20 inches long! Mom and baby are both doing well. We will be in the hospital until Wednesday morning. More pictures will follow and I'm sure Leslie will share some of the story at some point in the future. I don't want to spoil that future post but let me just say that after 25hrs and 40+ minutes of labor I could not be more proud of Leslie. She was a champ!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Judah's on the way!

I'm sitting at Rex Hospital with Leslie. Judah's coming. The Dr. said he should be here sometime around midnight or a little after. Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Crib, Bookshelf and Origami Crane Mobile

Finally the nursery is pretty much finished! Hoorah! Thomas is finished with school for the semester, clothes are washed and diapers put away. We are ready. :) There are still a few decorating things that I'd like to do to the room, but for the most part it's done. What a relief! I'm still finishing the biggest blanket in the world as Thomas likes to call it and I may hang some black floating shelves above the day bed. I'd also like to design a few prints to frame and put on the shelves as artwork. Enjoy the pics of how it looks so far! Click here if you'd like to see more.

Changing Table

Chest of Drawers

Trundle Bed

We're looking forward to Thomas's parents coming in on June 8 at midnight. Mary and Jesse will be coming for a few days and Zeb's also getting to come for a week or so. We're so excited to have everyone together and are looking forward to a family cookout on June 19 with all of Renee's family. Hopefully Judah will have made his grand appearance by then and I'll be recovered and ready to go! I'm just praying he comes on time and for a smooth delivery. Now it's just a waiting game.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost & Narrative

I know you guys are not here to read me ramble on about my topic of interest for the're here looking for pictures and an update on baby Judah...well, I'm sorry. He's not here yet so no pictures or the meantime, looks like you're stuck with my ramblings :)

I watched the first season or so of Lost and then I gave up. It was the episode where the "smoke monster" ate the African dude that I threw my hands in the air and exclaimed "I'm done." Leslie, her Dad and several of our friends here in WF were far more patient that I was though, they persevered all the way through last weeks series finale. Since the show ended last week I've read several Christian bloggers opinions on the show. One that I found helpful was written by Jared Wilson. You can read the full blog post at his website. Here is an excerpt:

LOST got narrative. What do people in most modern contexts need from the Church's communication? A story that is comprehensive and compelling. And of course there is no more comprehensive and compelling story than the Christian one, which has the added benefit of being a true one. We can learn from LOST to tell the biblical stories well, to tell them in compelling ways, to show how our stories are part of God's story, to show how Jesus is the hero in every story and the gospel the theme, and to help people see what God is doing in the world over and throughout history. History is going somewhere. (Of course that somewhere is not a purgatorial "now" where sincere believers in x, y, and z all connect. But we are headed for a finale.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Soma Church

Last September I blogged about some of the famous people who are in our Summit small group. Today I'm featuring more famous small group members who are beginning the process of planting a church in Denver.

January 2011, Alex and Kristel, will move with their church planting team to Denver, Colorado where they will be planting The Soma Church.

Now, you may be asking, "So what? Why is that such a big deal?" Good question. I'm glad you asked it. Here is a quote from my pastor which I hope helps you see why church planting is such a big deal:

The church is God's only official “institution” of the New Testament. The first thing the Holy Spirit did after giving the Great Commission in Acts 1:8 is plant the church in Acts 2:42-47. A church is not simply a group of Christians who hang out together, they are an organized body of believers bound together in a covenant community. It is "through the church that God's manifold wisdom was to be made known to the world" (Eph 3:10). It was when the church was being the church, in all its diversity, that "a great sense of awe was upon every soul… and God added to their numbers daily those that were being saved" (Acts 2:47). The Apostles had one basic strategy throughout the book of Acts: go to strategic cities and plant churches therein.

Local churches are so important, they are God's plan A for reaching the world and there is no plan B. that we understand why the church and church planting are so important what is so great about The Soma Church particularly? You are full of good questions today!

We are excited about Soma Church for a number of reasons:

1) They have a cool name, "Soma"

2) I really like the leaders, Bryan Barley and Andy Metzger.

3) They have a great vision for the new church.

4) They are planting in partnership with The Summit, Acts 29 Network and the SBC.

5) They feel strongly that God is calling them to Denver.

If you would like to help out this brand new church plant which is still looking to get their feet under them, then I would encourage you to consider partnering with them. Here and here are ways you can do that.

And, you can watch their new video:

Soma Church $20 Difference from Soma Church Denver on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cherryville Baby Shower

Safari diaper arrangement

This weekend I was able to go home and spend some much needed time with my Mom who's been so busy lately because of tax season. Thank goodness it's finally over and she can concentrate on being a Grandma! or Granny as she wants to be called. Make sure if you're reading this and you know her, that you call her Granny because that's the name she's picked out and if she's called anything else she's going to be really offended. Anyways. It was fun getting to hang out with her, we went shopping and got our nails done. I was in dire need of a pedicure so that was a real treat.

Sunday was our shower at First Baptist Cherryville. Since we live in Wake Forest now and not as close by, this was one big shower! It included family from both sides, friends of mine and our parents and people from my home church of FBC. We had about 70 people! It was amazing to see such a turnout. Thomas and I feel so blessed to have so many people that care for us and are just as excited about Judah's birth.

Here are a few pictures of the shower. I hate I didn't get one of me and my mom! What were we thinking. Thomas put the crib together while I was gone so this weekend will be filled with washing baby clothes and putting away diapers and getting the nursery all set up. I'm so excited!

Me with the gift table!

Me and my Grandma Houser

Hostesses serving


Dad, me, aunt Phyllis, cousin Dana

Monday, May 17, 2010

God is God and God is Good

I didn't know Zac Smith...and I don't know his family...but I won't be forgetting this testimony anytime soon.

The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

Justin Taylor writes that, "Zac Smith is with Jesus. He fought the good fight of faith. He finished the race. He kept the faith. He’s entered into the joy of his Master. He didn’t waste his life, and he didn’t waste his cancer."

Monday, May 10, 2010


Those of you, who like Leslie and I, attend a more "contemporary" church will get a good laugh out of this. Once the laughter goes away though...if you are like may end up scratching your head and feeling a little conflicted.

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Commenting on the video Frank Turk notes that "The stunning irony of this video is that it comes from North Point Media — which is a function of North Point Church, Andy Stanley’s church. It’s a church foundational to the “Catalyst” network of churches which, if you ask me, are among the ones getting poked at in the video."

Even though we go to a church that in many ways looks just like the one in the video I would be quick to defend my pastor. He never pretends to have all the answers and he is very faithful at teaching the text of Scripture. And rarely does Pastor J.D. whisper or use the dramatic pause...if anything, he leans towards loud and fast :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Quote of the Day

"We look back on slave-owning churchgoers of 150 years ago and ask, “How could they have treated their fellow human beings that way?” I wonder if followers of Christ 150 years from now will look back at Christians in America today and ask, “How could they live in such big houses? How could they drive such nice cars and wear such nice clothes? How could they live in such affluence while thousands of children were dying because they didn’t have food and water? How could they go on with their lives as though the billions of poor didn’t even exist?"

David Platt

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What a weekend!

I never wrote a post about my Wake Forest baby shower last weekend so I'll hit a few highlights from it first. About 15 friends came, mostly people from Southeastern and our church, Summit. Even my old roomie Monika made the drive from Kernersville! Yay! The hosts were Kristel and Allison, both from my small group/former small group. They did such a great job! The theme was robots and we had a cute picture that Kristel's husband Alex drew, along with cupcakes and some awesome decorated cookies from our friend Megan. I got a lot of really cute outfits for Judah along with some bedding, feeding stuff and nursing aids. We played a few non-cheesy games. It was just so much fun seeing everyone all together and hanging out.

Allison, me and Kristel

So, this past weekend Thomas was in our friend Josh Skagg's wedding in Columbia, SC. We had a little bump up on the way there and fortunately no one was hurt. It really was a good opportunity to see God's hand at work through the situation because so many things did turn out well. The guy that hit us was only 18 and he called his parents who came to the scene and were awesome. They happened to be members of a Southern Baptist church and even knew people that we work with at the Convention! Then when Thomas mentioned he was in Seminary, not to mention that I'm 8 months pregnant, they were more than willing to help us out in any way they could. It was truly a blessing from God that the accident happened with who it did and that the accident wasn't any worse than it was. Praise Jesus.

You can see the rest of the car doesn't look that bad but unfortunately the damage exceeds what it's worth so it's now officially totaled and we're on the lookout for a new vehicle. If anyone knows of a good Honda CRV or Element let us know! I think it's a blessing in disguise because it was really on it's last leg anyway.

Ok so now for the wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony and fun seeing Thomas dressed up in a tux. We got a kick out of the fact that he didn't even get that dressed up for our own wedding! haha Suckah! We're really happy for our friend and wish he and Courtney a wonderful and happy life together.

Jess, Josh and Heike

It was fun seeing some of Thomas's old friends from Columbia. This is Jess from CIU and Heike is Josh's sister. Josh and Heike went to high school with Thomas at RVA in Kenya.


Lastly, today I got my completed playmat that Leah Finn made for Judah. She'd made one for our friend Lauren and I loved it! So when she was raising money for the Pregnancy Support Services of WF and offered to make something with the proceeds going to it, I jumped on the chance to help out and get something cool and handmade. She did such a great job and I love the colors and fabrics she used. Thanks Leah! I can't wait to use it soon. :)

So there's our latest update, lots going on! Thank God we're ok. I know it's because we have so many people constantly lifting us up in prayer and we really appreciate all of you.