Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost & Narrative

I know you guys are not here to read me ramble on about my topic of interest for the're here looking for pictures and an update on baby Judah...well, I'm sorry. He's not here yet so no pictures or the meantime, looks like you're stuck with my ramblings :)

I watched the first season or so of Lost and then I gave up. It was the episode where the "smoke monster" ate the African dude that I threw my hands in the air and exclaimed "I'm done." Leslie, her Dad and several of our friends here in WF were far more patient that I was though, they persevered all the way through last weeks series finale. Since the show ended last week I've read several Christian bloggers opinions on the show. One that I found helpful was written by Jared Wilson. You can read the full blog post at his website. Here is an excerpt:

LOST got narrative. What do people in most modern contexts need from the Church's communication? A story that is comprehensive and compelling. And of course there is no more comprehensive and compelling story than the Christian one, which has the added benefit of being a true one. We can learn from LOST to tell the biblical stories well, to tell them in compelling ways, to show how our stories are part of God's story, to show how Jesus is the hero in every story and the gospel the theme, and to help people see what God is doing in the world over and throughout history. History is going somewhere. (Of course that somewhere is not a purgatorial "now" where sincere believers in x, y, and z all connect. But we are headed for a finale.)

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