Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What a weekend!

I never wrote a post about my Wake Forest baby shower last weekend so I'll hit a few highlights from it first. About 15 friends came, mostly people from Southeastern and our church, Summit. Even my old roomie Monika made the drive from Kernersville! Yay! The hosts were Kristel and Allison, both from my small group/former small group. They did such a great job! The theme was robots and we had a cute picture that Kristel's husband Alex drew, along with cupcakes and some awesome decorated cookies from our friend Megan. I got a lot of really cute outfits for Judah along with some bedding, feeding stuff and nursing aids. We played a few non-cheesy games. It was just so much fun seeing everyone all together and hanging out.

Allison, me and Kristel

So, this past weekend Thomas was in our friend Josh Skagg's wedding in Columbia, SC. We had a little bump up on the way there and fortunately no one was hurt. It really was a good opportunity to see God's hand at work through the situation because so many things did turn out well. The guy that hit us was only 18 and he called his parents who came to the scene and were awesome. They happened to be members of a Southern Baptist church and even knew people that we work with at the Convention! Then when Thomas mentioned he was in Seminary, not to mention that I'm 8 months pregnant, they were more than willing to help us out in any way they could. It was truly a blessing from God that the accident happened with who it did and that the accident wasn't any worse than it was. Praise Jesus.

You can see the rest of the car doesn't look that bad but unfortunately the damage exceeds what it's worth so it's now officially totaled and we're on the lookout for a new vehicle. If anyone knows of a good Honda CRV or Element let us know! I think it's a blessing in disguise because it was really on it's last leg anyway.

Ok so now for the wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony and fun seeing Thomas dressed up in a tux. We got a kick out of the fact that he didn't even get that dressed up for our own wedding! haha Suckah! We're really happy for our friend and wish he and Courtney a wonderful and happy life together.

Jess, Josh and Heike

It was fun seeing some of Thomas's old friends from Columbia. This is Jess from CIU and Heike is Josh's sister. Josh and Heike went to high school with Thomas at RVA in Kenya.


Lastly, today I got my completed playmat that Leah Finn made for Judah. She'd made one for our friend Lauren and I loved it! So when she was raising money for the Pregnancy Support Services of WF and offered to make something with the proceeds going to it, I jumped on the chance to help out and get something cool and handmade. She did such a great job and I love the colors and fabrics she used. Thanks Leah! I can't wait to use it soon. :)

So there's our latest update, lots going on! Thank God we're ok. I know it's because we have so many people constantly lifting us up in prayer and we really appreciate all of you.


Kristel said...

Aww..what a great baby shower. ;-)

Yikes, sorry about the car...but you're right, looks like a blessing in disguise to me! Hope you find a car soon.

And where is a pic of you from the wedding???!!!

Leslie and Thomas said...

There is one but I look as big as a house. If you want to see it, it's in the Flickr sets. :)

Michelle said...

We'll be selling our car before we head overseas. It's not a Honda, but shoot me an email if you're interested.