Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 weeks

Funny face

I can't believe Judah was 3 weeks old on Monday! The time is flying by. We're having a good time with David and Renee being here. Renee and I went to Cherryville for a few days last week so I could visit my grandma Houser in the hospital. Then last weekend we went to a cookout at Renee's brother Joel's house in Rocky Mount where all her family was in attendance. We keep joking around saying that Judah's met more people in his 3 weeks of life than most babies do in a year! He's definitely making the rounds. Here are a few of his latest pics.

Thomas with Jack, Mamere, David and Judah

Me with my Grandma Houser

Judah's first real bath

He's so alert!

We go back to the doctor on Monday to see how much weight he's gained and if he's gotten longer. I'm excited. Latest developments with him are that he's doing well with trying to hold his head up, he's giving us a few smiles and his umbilical cord fell off. I'm loving my time off with him and definitely don't want my maternity leave to end!

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