Friday, June 04, 2010


Thomas with Grand-daddy Farris

Leslie and I have been very blessed up to this point with Judah being a great sleeper. Most likely it's just good genes :) but it could also be due to the fact that he has a really cool, very old, tried and true, little crib.

Thomas in the crib

The crib was designed and hand made by David Farris (Thomas' great grandfather, Judah's great great grandfather) in 1933 for his first child, Mary (AKA Mamere, AKA coolest great grandmother in the world). At that point grand-daddy Farris had very few tools and very little money to provide bought baby furniture. So the crib was used for his two daughters Mary and Patricia, and carried down to his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Judah is the 25th descendant of grand-daddy's to sleep in the crib.

Judah in the crib

The 77 year old crib is mobile with it's unique hand hewn wheels and can be moved from one room to another easily. The crib has become a treasured item in the Farris/Crane family and we are so glad that Judah is liking it.

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