Tuesday, June 01, 2010

He's Here!

First video with our new camera

My labor started at 2am Saturday night, we went to the hospital at 2pm on Sunday afternoon because I was trying to hold off until the contractions were closer together. Because my water had already broken a little they went ahead and admitted me telling us that they thought we'd have the baby by midnight or a little later.

Judah was born at 3:42 am on Monday, May 31 which also happens to be my mom's birthday! She and my dad were there for the birth which was great to be able to share that experience with them. We kept in touch with Thomas's parents via text message pretty consistently throughout the night.

Proud Grandparents!

It was a long but wonderful experience in the end because we now have our baby that we've waited so long for! I'm glad he was born a little early since he was already 7 lbs. 9 oz! He got circumcised today poor thing and is recovering well. The hospital staff has been awesome, especially our labor and delivery nurse. We'd heard REX was the place to deliver because it's so nice and the food is good and everything we were told has been true.

Wrinkly newborn hand :)

We get to check out tomorrow and everything's looking good with me and Judah too. It all feels so surreal. He's ours...and starting tomorrow it's just us...our new family of three. Thank you Jesus for more blessings than we could ever have imagined.


R+G Stewart said...

awesome! how wonderful our God is! He is so beautiful, congratulations you guys. I am so happy to see that all went well and you are both safe and healthy. Leslie, you are gorgeous! take care and enjoy these new moments with your son!

luv ya, rachel and grant

Kristel said...

::tears:: I'm so happy for you!
He's perfect.

Anonymous said...

SOOOO happy that little Judah is here safe and sound and PERFECT! The path of your lives have been changed forever and now you know for sure what real, intense, unconditional love feels like; the way God feels about us! For Him to make a baby from microscopic parts of the people He created...it's the best blessing ever!!!! We love you, Phyllis

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, wonderful family!! Baby Judah is so precious! He just doesn't realize how much he is loved. Can you believe how it feels to be parents? Totally indescribable...
I can't believe I'm a great aunt!
So happy for y'all!