Friday, July 30, 2010

2 months old

Happy Baby!

The past 2 months have gone by so fast! It's hard to believe how much he's changed since we brought him home at the beginning of June. Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks.

Hanging out with Papaw

Smiling at Daddy

2 months pic with his sock monkey

Frowning after getting shots at the doctor's office

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Enjoying my break...

Me with my parents at our family reunion

I've really been enjoying my maternity leave off work. I love how it worked out that it was during the summer and that Thomas has the summer off of school so we get to hang out a lot. This week he's speaking 3 times a day at Camp Cale in Hertford, NC to 10-13 year olds. I believe it's been a bit of a challenge speaking to that age range, but it's definitely been great experience. Since he's been out of town I decided to head to good ole Cville to spend time with friends and family. I've had such a great time! I know my parents will be sad to see me go on Sunday. They've really soaked in this extended visit and made the most of it.

My friend Kristen came by to visit with her two girls Anslee (3) and Lucy (2). It's so cool to share the experience of children with friends I've known forever. Kristen and I were in nursery school together and have been friends ever since. She's truly one of my oldest friends and I love that we still keep in touch when we can. Her kids look just like her when she was little!


The next day I went to Kings Mountain to visit Thomas' grandparents Mary Etta and Jack. We had lunch and I was able to spend the afternoon with them as they were able to hold and enjoy spending time with Judah. I'm so glad I was able to do that because he was all smiles! It was so much fun.


Me and Whit with Emery and Judah

Today I went and visited my longtime friend Whitney at her parents' house. She had her little girl Emery back in January so she's 7 months old. I was able to go visit her at the hospital the day she was born. That was the first time I'd ever seen a baby on day one so it was a really cool experience to be there with her on such a special day.

I liked this picture of Judah and Emery together so you can compare their sizes. His face is so funny and his body is positioned like the frog on his outfit. He wasn't really cooperating but Emery was loving the camera and being very photogenic. When Judah would cry she would scream out too like she was talking to him, too cute.

Looking forward to taking Judah to church on Sunday and I know my mom's super pumped to show him off to all her friends. I've been keeping Thomas connected this week by sending pictures and video of Judah via text. I know he can't wait to see him again soon cause we're missing him too!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Study Like a Scholar, Scholar

I'm not going to lie to you. Last semester was difficult. I love SEBTS and I'm extremely grateful for my time to study here but my classes last semester...were just not that edifying. So I have been looking for a little motivation to get back on the ol academic horse this coming August. One motivation is that I'm signed up for some way better classes (I hope). AND THEN, just when I thought reason number one wasn't going to be enough...I found this video!

Now I'm super pumped to get back into the books. Watch out Church History! I'm going to start studying in the Library WAY more often.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

6 weeks...

The past two weeks have gone by so fast! Thomas's parents went back to Uganda and the next day Judah and I headed for the beach while Thomas was the speaker for youth attending the Red Springs Mission Camp for a week. We always love spending time at my family's place at Ocean Lakes Campground, hanging out on the big front porch, eating seafood in Murrells Inlet and doing a little shopping.

The two weeks with my mom went by so fast and I know she had a great time tending to Judah and rocking him in the rocking chair whenever he got fussy.

One of my best friends from Cherryville, Kendra, even came down for a few days to see Judah for the first time. I'm looking forward to next year when Judah's big enough to enjoy it and play in the sand and get in the water. Hooray for summer time and a maternity leave off to enjoy it!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Judah has (and rightly so) dominated the blog here for the last few weeks and you will be sure to get much more of him here at everythingcrane in the upcoming weeks, months and years. But for a moment I want to share a few personal thoughts and then two quotes.

I love being a father! Every time I look at our little baby I am beside myself with love and amazement. I love Judah in a way unique to anything else I have ever felt before. I want to protect him and keep him safe; I want him to grow up to love Jesus. I'm consistently amazed at the graciousness of God for his health and well tempered disposition. He is an incredible gift from a loving and merciful heavenly Father who has treated both Leslie and I far better than we deserve. But...those feelings of love and amazement when I look at Judah are almost always followed by a stinging realization that rises up in my mind and breaks my heart. There are other babies out there right now...the same age as Judah, just as precious and just as loved by their heavenly Father who have no one to care for them, no one to show them love and no one to keep them safe and protected.

Dr. Russ Moore recently answered these two questions over on Tim Challies Blog:

How does adoption represent the Gospel?

Adoption is representative of the gospel because the gospel is an adoption. In Christ Jesus, God has declared us to be beloved children. He has welcomed us to his table, given us a family of forefathers and foremothers, brothers and sisters. And he’s granted us an inheritance, everything that belongs to Jesus, which is the entire universe. Adoption shows precisely what the gospel shows that love is not simply a matter of biology (“the flesh”) but of the Spirit.

Moreover, adoption is part of a bigger biblical theme of care for orphans and widows. When we love orphans and widows, we are simply loving Jesus by showing mercy to those whom he calls the “least of these, my brothers and sisters.”

Why should Christian families consider adoption?

Not every Christian or every Christian family is called to adopt or foster children. Every Christian is called to care for widows and orphans in their distress (Jas. 1:27). I think the first step for every Christian is simply to pray and ask for the wisdom to know how (not if!) you are called to care for widows and orphans, and then ask God for the opportunities to do so. You’ll be surprised how quickly he’ll answer this request, often in ways you don’t expect or even know yet that you’d want.

Beyond that, I think a family ought to ask whether there’s love enough and room enough in their home to welcome another child. A family ought to be sure though that they’re willing to “count the cost.” If you aren’t able to love beyond protecting your own genetic material, please don’t bring a child into that kind of situation, and work on your own spiritual condition first. If God is calling you to adopt though, I’d recommend looking around at adoption conferences or seminars in your area. There you’ll meet people who have adopted and who can help you see what would be the best situation (domestic, international, foster care, etc.) for you.

Read Dr. Moore's article entitled Abba Changes Everything from the July edition of Christianity Today by clicking HERE.

One of the best sites to go to for all things adoption is: Together for Adoption.

Jedd Medefind, president, the Christian Alliance for Orphans, gives his top 5 books on Orphans Here. (the first book he mentions is great!)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

1 Month Old

Hard to believe Judah was a month old yesterday! The time has flown by and we've loved every minute of it.