Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little piece of Africa

When David and Renee came home for Judah's birth in June they brought with them a few unique gifts for Judah. The first was a Moses basket. It was hand made from banana leaves grown on the banks of the Nile River in Uganda. Moses baskets are pretty popular right now but I'm sure no one else has one quite like this!

Moses Basket
Moses Basket

The next item was a carved block of wood that had Judah's name on each side, each in a different language. In addition to English we chose Hebrew and Greek because they're Biblical languages and Swahili because that's the traditional language spoken in Kenya where Thomas grew up.

Judah Block

Next was a carved wooden plaque with the Lion of Judah from the flag of Ethiopia along with the reference Revelation 5:5 which talks about the "Lion of the tribe of Judah" referring to Christ.


Since we have an African theme going on throughout our house and in the nursery we decided that safari animals would be fitting for Judah's room. We'd asked for some carved animals and they brought us several very nice ebony ones.

Painted Elephant
Giraffe and Elephant


The cool blue painted elephant above was a present from Zeb's friend Maria in Kenya. Below was a gift from Zeb, a gourd rattle also from Kenya.

Kenyan rattle

It means a lot to me for the decor in my house to reflect things I really like and enjoy. We've made a point of having things that have more of a meaning and they're mostly from our travels. We have lots of African masks, carved wooden candle holders, Maasai weapons and necklaces, Indian saris, Korean paper, a painting from Thailand... I'm glad we were able to do the same in Judah's room! Many thanks to David and Renee for getting it all back to the States for us. I know they're things that Judah will really treasure when he gets older.

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