Monday, October 18, 2010

Judah Update and State Fair

Judah's Growth
It's been so much fun keeping up with Judah's monthly pics. Granted, the 4 month one doesn't have the sticker because it didn't match his outfit and he was getting fussy by the time I decided to put on a white onesie. Maybe I'll get one before he turns 5 months which is only a couple weeks! I love how you can really tell how much he's grown and changed in just 3 months time.

This past weekend my good pal Natalie came to visit from Charlotte and since the State Fair is going on we decided to go. Since it was Saturday afternoon on the first weekend, it was super crowded as you might imagine. Here's a crowd shot:

State Fair Crowd
State Fair Crowd

Every year the Fair boasts a weird food item. Usually it's something unusual that's deep fried. Last year I think it was deep fried butter and a fried cheese burger. This year, in true Southern style, it was a cheeseburger between two Krispy Kreme donuts. Of course, Thomas being the thrill seeker he is, decided to have a go at it. He said it was pretty good!

Krispy Kreme Burger
Thomas eating Krispy Kreme Burger
Krispy Kreme Burger
Yes he went with some bacon too! Good Lord!

Look at that cute kid with Natalie!

It was a fun weekend. As always it went by way too fast. I had a great time hanging out with Natalie, Judah and Thomas!

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Kristel said...

I canNOT believe he ate that. lol. Wow.