Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On turning 30

I'm not really big on the whole birthday thing...but I guess 30 is somewhat of a milestone. Well for me that milestone was this past Saturday (for those of you who forgot and feel bad about it...my amazon wish list is on the right hand side of this blog :)

A few people were nice to me. I am especially grateful to my wife for a very nice kindle; Mamere and Jack as well as Mom and Dad were also very gracious. Simon and Eleyse Griffin hosted Dad and I in Williamston for the weekend. Simon took us hunting all day Saturday and it was really nice to get out in the woods for a little solitude. Simon also told some stories that were so funny I nearly fell off the couch. Eleyse made me a really tasty cake.

However, as nice as Simon and Eleyse are...they have produced a daughter, her name is Susan. Here are some pictures of Susan, just so you know who I'm dealing with:

Susan seems to be under the impression that 30 is old, and felt the need to express that opinion to me in a series of gifts leading up to Saturday. October 4th-8th Susan and I took a fall break class together. At the end of each day Susan gave me a gift. By the end of the week I had a rather nice collection:

From left to right: Fixodent denture cleanser, Affirm underwear for men, reading glasses, Centrum Silver, Bengay.

The picture laying on the desk is actually a card. It's from my "friend" Mindy, she is about as nice as Susan. On the inside the card reads, "Do I smell old people?"

For those of you who kindly helped me usher in this new decade of life, I thank you. For those who were...not so kind...I do appreciate your creativity. But don't think it will be forgotten when your 30th rolls around :)


Michelle said...

Hahaha. Yeah, Shannon got some stuff like that for his 35th last summer. I seem to remember some Ensure and a few other things making their way into our house!

Happy Birthday! (although I didn't forget...you got a facebook greeting from me)

And I'm thinking about getting a Kindle...let me know how you like it!

marjac3 said...

I feel that 30 is SOOOO young. Just wait till you are 77 or 85.
Mamere and jack

David said...

Susan Griffin rocks and is one of the greatest people I know. Go girl!
D. Crane