Wednesday, November 03, 2010

5 months


Little man can now roll over, he's on the verge of a belly laugh, he can pass objects from hand to hand, still teething like crazy but no teeth, tipping the scale at 15 lbs or more, can sit up assisted, loves getting strolled outside in the BOB with his Peepaw Crane, loves riding horsey with Meemaw, smiles all the time, loves to cuddle, sweet, laid back personality. Love him SO much.


Michelle said...

Oh my he's so cute! 15 pounds?! Lane only weighs 17.25 as of a week ago!

marjac3 said...

growing up so fast - can't wait
till Thanksgiving so we can see
him in person

David said...

You bet he enjoys those walks with Peepaw. He's going to know the Latin names of every tree on McDowell Drive b4 I leave. DC