Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photo Effects

As you know I store all my online photos on Flickr. I love how you can organize them by sets and collections and that it's a fun online community to be a part of. It's always interesting to see which photos get commented on and added as favorites by people I don't even know. Usually I do all my photo editing in iPhoto or for heavy duty work, Photoshop. I usually don't spend a lot of time on them as they're mainly just to showcase our daily lives and aren't really an artful expression. I wish I were as talented a photographer as my friend Kristel! But alas, I am not. Anyways, I recently discovered Flickr's online photo editing software Picnik. It is so much fun! And easy to get sucked into. Check out a few random creations.

Judah and Christian
Judah and Lucy
Grandparents Christmasy!

The beauty of it is, it only takes a minute and there are tons of effects you can accomplish that would take you multiple steps in Photoshop.

On a different note...
One of my favorite "mom" blogs is Dear Baby. She has an 11 month old little girl and just announced that she's expecting number 2. This is a post from a few days ago with an awesome quote. I wish I could write like that.
You know what is the beautiful thing about becoming a mother? You get to always be one. It’s not like being a child or a teenager or a twenty something - those are all phases. They are all moments in life that come and go. But to be a mother. To become that woman who holds a tiny newborn in her arms and who watches that newborn grow into a unique individual. To become that woman who knows the feeling of loving another being with every cell in her body - the beautiful thing about that is that it never ends. No matter what happens in life. Becoming a mother is a journey that always will continue.


mamere said...

I love it!! And in my opinion, you
are THE most talented.
Love ya, Mamere

Kristel said...

Aww...I love the photo of Judah and the dog in front of the Christmas tree. Hilarious!

And love the quote. :-)
I recently started reading Dear Baby since everyone loves it so much. I love the video they made announcing the pregnancy.