Monday, January 17, 2011

How loud can you scream?

This video is kinda long, so fair warning if watching babies babble isn't your thing.

Recently Judah has been getting very spirited when he's eating. He'll flail his arms around and bang on his high chair tray. He's even started testing out his lungs just to see exactly how loud he can get.

On another note…
Thomas is in London and Senegal for the next ten days preparing for his World Changers trip to Senegal this June. Please be in prayer for his safety and that he gets a lot out of this training. This is our first time without him since the summer and I know he's really going to be missing us, as we're definitely going to miss him. At least my in-laws are still in town so it's not as lonely as it could be. They're a fun distraction for sure, and I love watching them dote on Judah.

For all the baby mamas in Raleigh, don't forget about the Kids Exchange Consignment Sale this weekend at the Fairgrounds! I'm looking forward to stocking up on clothes for Judah. Man he grows out of stuff fast – used is definitely the way to go!

You're no match for me applesauce!

Do I see a tooth in there?


1 comment:

Kristel said...

What a cuuutie!
I miss this baby. :-)
And I miss the adult Cranes as well!