Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend and a crazy story!


We had a great Easter weekend. It was nice having Friday off work and Thomas and I got a lot done thanks to a lovely friend watching Judah for the day. We were able to put mulch in our flowerbed and pack up some things to sell at the SEBTS yard sale this coming weekend.

We attend church on Saturday so that's when we celebrated Easter with our church body. We had a lot of baptisms after each service and Thomas and I both had the opportunity to be baptism counselors. I met a really nice girl named Rachel who just became a believer at 25 years old after attending Summit for only a few months. It was encouraging to hear her testimony and to see how God is using our church and it's members to bring people to Himself.

Judah also started saying a new word this weekend, "Uh oh!" We would say it and he kept saying it back. It was so much fun!

Judah saying uh oh!
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Sitting on the front porch
Chilling on the front porch

Sunday we had lunch with some couples from our small group down at the park close to our house. It was a great time and a beautiful day at that. When we got home we decided some more time outside as I washed the car and Thomas did some things in the yard. Judah hung out with us too in his Jumparoo on the front porch. Here comes the crazy story part...

Judah started to get a little fussy so I was going to go inside and grab a paci. As I walk up to the glass storm door, which the Jumparoo with Judah in it is sitting right in front of. I look down at the floor inside the house and what do I see looking up at me with it's head raised but a black SNAKE. I screamed and immediately picked Judah up and ran off the porch. THOMAS!! There is a snake...IN OUR HOUSE! Haha! My awesomely brave and manly husband ran inside the house and shut the door as I clung to Judah shaking. A few minutes later he comes out holding the snake with our kitchen tongs and is wielding a shovel from beside our fireplace. Before he can get it on the ground it briefly gets wrapped around his arm, then he finally shakes it off and cuts off it's head with the shovel. It lay on the ground for at least 10 minutes still writhing around headless. It was pretty crazy! I just kept thinking of all the what ifs...and imagined it crawling past Judah to get into the house. SHUDDER.

Snake my manly husband murdered


Michelle said...

What a cutie! We've been trying to get Lane to say "uh oh" for forever...but she's not having it.

NC seems to have a ton of snakes...way to go Thomas for being a stud and killing the one that threatened your family! =)

Kristel said...

Judah is toooo adorable for words. I'm glad the snake didn't do anything to harm him or you! Way to go, Thomas!