Monday, June 13, 2011

New York Part I

From June 8-12 my mom, Judah and I went to New York for a short vacation. We had an amazing time and I'm so sad it's over! Judah did wonderfully on all aspects of the trip and was doted on by everyone around us, truly a sight to behold. I've never realized before what a cute baby can bring out in people!

First airplane ride!
First airplane ride!

When we got off the airplane it was a balmy 95 degrees outside! Our car service was running late so we had to wait around in the heat for him to show up.

Hot day!

We stayed at De Koven Suites in Brooklyn, a lovely B&B run by a lady named Susan and her husband. They were super nice and made us feel right at home. Literally!

De Koven Suites
De Koven Suites

After arriving we were happy to get going into the city, so we took the subway!

Waiting at the subway
First Subway Ride

Our first item on the agenda was the NY Water Taxi to see the sights from the Hudson River. Judah was worn out already and slept peacefully in the stroller.


Water Taxi
Statue of Liberty

Thursday we set out to the Brooklyn Museum and the Botanic Garden. We stopped off at Tom's Restaurant for brunch. It was delicious!

Yummy brunch

Tom's Restaurant, Brooklyn
Tom's Restaurant

Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

After riding the subway back we stopped off for some NY pizza.

Snacks for Judah
Snacks for Judah

NY Pizza

We stopped by a corner store and even saw Sun Drop! That was fun :)

Sun Drop in Brooklyn store
Sun Drop in NY

More to come…

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