Thursday, June 16, 2011

New York Part II

It was definitely a different experience traveling with a baby this time around. Every day we were lugging around a stroller, a 20 pounder, a few toys, diaper bag, baby food, a bottle and our purses. It was a lot to keep up with! And imagine going up and down the subway stairs numerous times a day. Judah would just be sitting in his stroller looking around at everyone and taking it all in stride. I keep telling everyone it was like a 4 day workout. I swear my biceps are firmer. We also had to just make it work with Judah's eating and napping which were not able to be on any sort of schedule. Here's a great example, after we stopped in Greenwich Village to visit a few shops, Judah had his lunch on the counter in a deli shop.

Eating lunch
Eating Lunch

After the Village it was on to the toy store!

FAO Schwarz
FAO Schwarz

I think Judah had fun looking at all the bright and colorful toys and enjoyed studying all the other kids running around.

Trucks at FAO Schwarz

He was getting a little antsy by the end.

FAO Schwarz
Toy Soldier

It was super hot outside to we stopped off at Bubba Gump and had an appetizer.

Hi Mom!
He makes the funniest faces

The view was amazing.

Times Square
Chips and dip at Bubba Gump in Times Square

Had to get the signature photo in Times Square!

Times Square
Having fun in Times Square

Then it was time for another nap! He really just goes with the flow.

Napping in Times Square
Napping in Times Square

Having fun on the subway
Subway again!

That night we met my old college friend Karen and her husband for dinner at The Farm in Brooklyn. It was so good! I hate I didn't get any pictures, but I was able to really enjoy our time together.

One more post to come!

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