Monday, June 20, 2011

New York Part III

Renegade Craft Fair Edit

The reason we decided to visit NYC when we did was because of the Renegade Craft Fair on June 11-12, at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. The weather was warm and beautiful the whole time we were there...until Saturday when it was cool and rainy for our outdoor fair! My friend Karen met us to browse around. There was lots of cool stuff to see!


Shop with cranes

Super cute tshirts

I really liked the prints and shirts at this booth and even ended up getting Judah a robot long-sleeve T since it was so chilly.

Cute furry hoody with horns
Hoody with horns

Judah holding the umbrella
Judah had fun helping me hold the umbrella!

Back to the subway

Napping with "Gug" on a rainy day

It was a tiring day so when we got back to the room, mom and Judah passed right out! That night we had dinner at a really neat Moroccan restaurant and watched Thomas's favorite movie, Casablanca, while eating.


Then we got some sweets to go from the Chocolate Room.

The Chocolate Room

Judah in the carrier

By Sunday it was time to go home, boo! Here's a shot in our room right before we left.


See ya next time New York!

Bye bye!

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Kristel said...

How fun, you got to go to Renegade!
Looks fabulous.