Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Beach weekend


We were once again blessed by a beach weekend at good ole Ocean Lakes in SC with the fam. My mom as always was a gracious host. And like last time, most of the pictures are of Judah. He had a blast this time crawling on the beach and playing in his little swimming pool. He was a true beach bum!

Chillin under the umbrella

My brother came down for the weekend too and had fun playing with Judah. One night Judah copied him when he had his hands raised, so for the rest of the time Brent could get him to raise his hands whenever he did. No one else quite had the touch.

Uncle Brent


He was not afraid of the water this time and had fun crawling around in the shallow end when the tide was out one day.


There was so much excitement it wore him out!


Another thing he's been doing lately is this fake smile. He knows how to turn it on when I get the camera out! He has to be in a mood of course. What a ham!

Fake Smile
Fake Smile

We got a blow up pool to take out to the beach. The kicker was, my brilliant mother blew it up BEFORE she came down to the beach, so she she had to hang on to it while driving the golf cart. I can't even imagine what a loon she looked like. Anyways, Judah really seemed to enjoy it.

As always there was the annual golf cart parade. Judah even got some candy and enjoyed his very first sucker and beaded necklace.

First Sucker

It was a fun beach trip and I can't wait to go back again soon. So thankful for the time we got to spend with my mom and Brent. Love you!

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