Thursday, August 04, 2011

Still going…

Well, Thomas's parents were here last week and I didn't get any pictures of them at all! I wish I could write a really good post about how much fun we had at the lake accompanied by some cute pics of us all together. I even meant to get all the photos from Renee's camera, but that didn't happen either. The time went by way too fast. It was a sweet time getting to see Renee for a few weeks and then David last week. They were in awe of how much Judah has changed since they saw him last. Thomas's sister Mary even made it down for a few days and it was nice catching up with her. Another milestone that deserves to be mentioned, our nephew Christian turned one last week! Isn't he so cute!

Happy Birthday to our nephew Christian!
You can check out their blog here.

On the way home from Cville last weekend we stopped off at the Tanger outlets in Mebane. They have a really nice playground so Judah had a big time crawling around and pretending he was a big boy.

Climbing the stairs

See ya later!

In the playground

Down the slide!

This last video is of him in the car after we'd left. He was whispering "hey" to me. Love him.


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Michelle said...

Love that video...too cute!