Monday, November 21, 2011


It's been a crazy few weeks. I think I'm going to be saying that every few weeks until a year from now so bear with me! Anyways we moved out of our house last week because it was already reserved for someone else for a month, so we're currently homeless. Yay! We moved out on Friday and on Saturday we left for Virginia for our appointment week with our new job. It was sort of like an orientation with the company and it was culminated with a big service in Mississippi. It was a really special time to get commissioned and meet all the people that will be at training with us in January.

While eating dinner at the church before the service a lady walked up holding a bouquet of roses. We were surprised at first and wondered what it was about. Then she handed us a card and said that Thomas's parents had contacted the church saying they were sorry they couldn't make it to the service but that they were very proud of us. We were both moved by their thoughtfulness.

Us with our flowers!

We got back from our trip on Friday and on Sunday Thomas spoke at my home church in Cherryville. He did a great job by sharing his testimony and then preaching on the book of Jonah. I know I'm biased and everything, but he did a great job. I'm so proud of my husband! I know I don't tell him that enough, but I truly am.

Outside the church

This week we're taking it easy and just having fun playing with Judah and hanging with family and friends. Today was warm so we took Judah outside to play. He loves being outside. Every time we try to get him to go back in he pitches a fit! We walked around in the leaves and we sat him up in the seat of my dad's tractor. He was so funny turning the steering wheel and pulling on the levers. He even said the word tractor for the first time! 


Sitting in his car

Love those eyes


We're looking forward to Thanksgiving this week and spending time with family. Turkey and dressing!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Fall fun!


We had a great Halloween this year with Judah. As you can see he dressed up like a pumpkin. My aunt Phyllis came over and hung out for the afternoon and we went and visited my grandpa Houser. That night we went to the Fall Festival at FBC and Judah had fun walking around and trying to play the games. He enjoyed the treat of eating a few Reese's Cups!


Judah with Aunt Phyllis

The following Sunday I went with Natalie to the Daniel Boone Inn in Boone, NC. I've never been there before and it was so much fun! The food is Southern and served family style in big bowls for everyone to share. We had fried chicken, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttermilk biscuits and delicious black cherry preserves. I haven't stopped talking about them since we left. I'm about to drive Natalie crazy!

Me and Natalie
Me and Natalie!

Boone, Daniel Boone Inn, Country-style Meal

Blue Ridge Mountains
Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains

One day last week Mom stopped by the house and was chewing some gum. As she held Judah it was funny watching his reaction to the bubbles she blew. He would get scared and put his hand in front of his face and get surprised when the bubbles popped. I know it's just a parent thing, but we got a good laugh out of it. His faces were so cute.