Thursday, December 01, 2011

Birthday and Thanksgiving!

This year my birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving which was fun! My mom got a set of really cute cupcakes from Splat! Bakery in Lowell, NC. It was a fun twist instead of just a traditional cake and they were yummy!

Birthday Cupcakes
Cupcakes! Every one was different.

My mom cooked a turkey for the first time this year, she was SO proud, as you can see...

Thanksgiving 2011

It really was very moist and delicious. I was proud of her too! I think she watched about four YouTube videos on what to do, hilarious.

The past week or so we've all come down with a chest cold so that's a major bummer. Judah even has his first earaches, in both ears! Hopefully we'll get back on track soon. We don't really feel bad, we're just coughing a lot and it's super annoying.


Judah has starting liking noodles lately (with white sauce only) and learned to slurp them up. It's not very good manners, but it's very cute and funny. He had his 18 month appointment yesterday and he weighs 23.11 lbs. and is 30.5 in. long. He's kind of short but is well proportioned! I think his stats are at 25% for height and weight and 50% for head circumference. He's learning new words all the time still and his new thing is trying to jump, but he's not quite there yet! 

Slurping noodles!

This weekend mom and I are off to Atlanta to visit my brother. Road trip! Should be a good time.

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