Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Visiting Friends

A week ago, Judah and I went to visit my friend Whitney and her daughter Emery for a play date. Emery is five months older than Judah so it was a lot of fun to see how they interacted with one another. She's such a cutie too.



Watching Emery run around with lots of girlie energy!

Checking things out


Last weekend we traveled to Williamston, NC to visit the Griffins. We had a wonderful time with Simon, Eleyse and Susan and they made us feel very at home! Judah's new thing is watching Elmo on YouTube singing, "La la la la, Elmo's song!" He's always walking around saying, "La la la," now. Sunday after church he hopped in Eleyse's lap and wanted to watch Elmo on their computer.

Give me that mouse, I can do this!

Every time we visit Susan has gotten Judah some new cool toy or outfit and this was no exception! Here he is checking out his new orange cow.

Look, it's a cow!

He also got a fun rubber ball that held a bunch of other balls.

Yay a new toy!

Happy with his new toy
So happy!

Judah and the Griffins
Judah with Simon, Susan and Eleyse

The fam

We had met Susan in Wake Forest so she rode back with us part of the way. After being in the car a while we turned around and Judah was back there holding her hand, so sweet!

Holding hands with Susan

I'm loving being home and visiting family and friends! Less than six weeks left to go...

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