Friday, January 20, 2012

Despite Me

Here’s simply what we’re celebrating here. That, despite me, despite my continued failures, despite my shortcomings and foolish heart… God, because of the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ to me, and His wrath absorbing death on the cross, and His resurrection, now sees me as perfect and spotless and holy. And not because I am! But because He is! Which is why Ephesians 2 is going to say that even the faith I had to believe in the grace was given to me by God, so I honestly have nothing to boast in! Like, I can’t even say, ‘Well, I believed!’ because the belief given to me was actually a gift! So that God so owns the glory, that everything is His. That’s why no one should walk with a swagger in the Kingdom, and no one should walk with a limp. Because we’re His.

- Matt Chandler

Full Sermon HERE.

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