Saturday, January 14, 2012

Judah at 19.5 months

Morning with mom

Just wanted to do a quick update on the things Judah is doing at 19 months so I won't forget!

Judah's vocabulary is expanding rapidly day by day and he's getting where he can almost repeat any word we tell him. Current words are: uh oh, hey, bye bye, hot, cold, clock, dog, cat, dada, mama, gee gee (grandpa Jack), papaw, mamaw, baba, more, up, shoe, sock, no no, water, naner (banana), apple, cheese, shew (stinky), cool, eye, nose, hair, hello, ruff ruff (when he sees a dog), moooo, Ooooo ooo oooo (like a coyote), choo choo, cow, truck, Shhhhh (finger up to his mouth), all gone (throws hands up in the air), hellooooo (like he's shouting into a cave), trash, tractor, boo, quack quack, tank ou (thank you), Elmo, la la la, cookie

He is starting to copy things we do by acting them out. He can: brush his hair, clean up by wiping with a cloth, drink with a cup, wave, give five, brush his teeth, wash his hair, dance, feed himself, feed someone else, spray air freshener and say "SHHHH" like it's spraying, blow his nose with a tissue, play peek a boo, pop up and say baaaa (like boo), brush his teeth

He's an expert climber, can eat with a spoon and fork with a little help, can drink out of a straw and also out of a cup but its pretty messy. He can walk backwards and has started running and we've been trying to teach him to jump but it's mostly just bending his knees and standing up really fast. He can fake cough, fake laugh and smile. He gives hugs and will lean in so you can kiss him on the cheek.

It's hard to believe only 4 short months ago Judah was learning to walk and now he's running and in only 4 1/2 more months he'll be 2 years old!


eleyse said...

How about what a tarheel does? and what a lizard does? He hasn't forgot those important things I hope!!

T.C. said...

He watched the tarheel game the other day and when I asked him what a tarheels says he went, "loooooozzz." HAHAHAHA

Leslie said...

Juice, sssss (like a snake), hush dog, go Duke, what's uuup, Bible, Jesus, angel, apple sauce