Saturday, January 21, 2012

Judah's First Haircut!


Today was a monumental occasion, first haircut. Ever since we've been home my dad has said, "We need to take him to get his hair cut at the barber shop, like a big boy!" I really wasn't ready for such a big step (those curls!) but it really was starting to hang in his eyes. So, I figured, might as well go on. I knew it would mean a lot to my dad and would be such a fun memory for all of us to have done that together.



So my dad, Judah and I loaded up this afternoon and headed to Mostettler's Barber Shop in Lincolnton, NC. It's a nice little shop, frequented by many hunters and outdoorsmen around this area - my dad's kinda place! At first he didn't know what to think when we sat him down in that chair on the little booster seat. He was looking around at all the deer heads on the wall and didn't want that cape around his neck. The barber knew this might be a problem and just clipped a paper towel around it instead.



He asked how I wanted it done and I said I wanted to keep his curls and just get it trimmed a little and then to get the front part out of his eyes. Next thing I know, hair is flying and the curls have been clipped and nicely placed into an envelope. Goodbye curls! It's fine. I'm a little teary eyed just thinking about it. But it's just hair right? It'll grow back. He's going to get older, there are going to be changes. He's growing up! I can't stand it.



All in all it was a great trip to the barber shop on this dreary, rainy day. The barber said that in all his years, he can only count on one had the number of kids that had done as well as he did. I'm glad my dad was able to join us - this was a day I'll remember forever! Love you Papaw.


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