Sunday, February 19, 2012

The past month...

The week before leaving Cherryville my college roommate Monika came by to see us off. It was a great reunion! No matter how long it's been, we always pick right back up where we left off and it's like we were never apart. So glad she wanted to come tell us bye!

Me and Judah with Monika
Us with Monika

On our way out of the state, we dropped Thomas's car off at our church. It was a surprisingly emotional moment for him, saying goodbye to the only car he's ever had! So long Civic!

Saying goodbye to his car
Saying goodbye

We have been at training for our new job for the past four weeks. The time is flying by as always and we're learning so much. It's really encouraging to be around people who share our passion. One of the biggest changes for us is not having a tv. We've been so used to coming home from a long day at work and plopping down in front of the tv to relax. I have to say though, we haven't really missed it! First of all we're so busy anyway that we don't have a lot of free time, and secondly I'm doing a lot of things that I didn't have time for before. We've both been reading a lot and I've been able to get back into some crafty things, which I really haven't done a lot of since Judah was born. I've learning how to sew on a sewing machine! My Mamaw Willis would be so proud of me! Check out my handiwork:

Purse I made
My first sewing project! 

Card Wallet
Little wallet, second project

I also went and got a crochet needle and am attempting to make this chunky circular scarf. It's always been hard for me to figure out how to read a pattern and I've unstrung this three times already, but it's getting there! I'll put up a pic of my finished product whenever I finish.

Scarf I'm making 
pattern here

Judah has adapted really well to his preschool class and is coming home with new words and advancements every day. He's started dancing with his arms now which is really fun and he's gotten used to a routine of naps on his own in the cot in his classroom. The teachers are really sweet, you can tell they love their job and all the kids! Here are a few highlights from the past month:

First day at Preschool
First day at Preschool, not sure what to think

Loves to swing

Drinking out of a straw

Watching videos
Watching videos with dad

That face!


Playing around at the Children's Museum
Thanks to everyone who's been praying for us! We've all been battling colds the past couple weeks and Judah has a double ear infection, so don't forget to pray for good health!

We're at the halfway point now. Looking forward to the next few weeks and what all they'll hold!


Monika said...

ahhh Miss you!

CindyM said...

I recognize the Runaround Bag and Wonder Wallet patterns - love those Lazy Girl Designs. You did a great job! Blessings to all of you. Cindy Moser (Mindy's mom)