Sunday, June 03, 2012

Family Weekend Part 1

Family Weekend 1

May 25–28 was family weekend here and we were pumped to have my parents come visit us! As soon as they got here Thursday afternoon they came to see our apartment and then we walked to our favorite park. Then we went back to their hotel where we got some goodies! Mom brought me a 12 pack of Sun-Drop and Judah got some early birthday presents!

Lynn Canyon

Friday we took the Skytrain and then a bus and went to Lynn Canyon Park. It's a really nice park with a suspension bridge and lots of hiking trails. We've spent so much time in the city it was great to get out into nature and spend some time in the woods.

Lynn Canyon 2

I wasn't sure if Judah would be too scared to walk across the bridge since it swings a little, but after my dad carried him across, he was all about it. Even adults were going by and commenting at how brave he was! We were really proud of him. On the way home on the SkyTrain you can see that he caught up on the latest news around Vancouver.

Whale Watching 1

Saturday we went with some friends to go whale watching! We chose to go with the Vancouver Whale Watch tour and it was a lot of fun! I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never been whale watching but we had a great time. If you're reading this and you go do this tour, make sure you get homemade donuts at the shop underneath the Whale Watch tour office because they were amazing. I wish I'd gotten a picture!

Whale Watching 2

Our tour guide was a nice Austrian lady who was very passionate about her job and knew more about whales than anyone you could imagine. The tour group also guarantees you will see a whale on your trip or you can keep coming back for free until you do! We did get to see whales and it was really cool! Judah did amazing and had fun playing on the boat with Mamaw and Papaw and didn't get fussy at all. He amazes me.

Whale Watching 3

The weather was beautiful and it was relaxing being out on a boat all day. After we got back we walked around town a little and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. By the end of the day Judah was worn out!

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Looks like you guys had an awesome time!!