Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some interesting things so far


As always, there are things here that are different from the culture we're used to back home. Here are just a few we've noticed thus far and a fun thing that happened to me the other day.

Bathroom and bidet

One interesting cultural aspect is the use of bidets in the bathrooms. Each of our 3 bathrooms has a toilet and then a separate basin with a little drain in it and a small squirter hose attached. Very interesting. Thomas has been using it to wash his feet at night. ;) Another thing about the bathrooms is, because the plumbing here isn't that great, there's no flushing your toilet paper. Every bathroom has a tiny trashcan with a lid to deposit your used TP. Because that's not gross at all. We actually got used to this practice when we lived in Korea so it's not a totally foreign concept to us.

Kitchen with washing machine

Next is the kitchen. No, that's not our dishwasher, it's our washing machine. Looks funny in there doesn't it? It's a really nice kitchen and I look forward to cooking on the gas stove.

Fun thing that happened:
Two days ago we went out looking for furniture stores because we need a new bed in our apartment – the current mattress has mold on it. Well, we're trying to get stuff done around here before language starts and in the midst of it all, trying to get Judah on somewhat of a schedule. That being said, nap time is still one of those elusive things that will just happen when it happens. We were on our third stop and Judah was fading so fast that he fell asleep in my arms as we were walking into the mall. Because we're walking so much and in and out of taxis, we didn't have the stroller. So here we are, sleeping baby and 20 minutes from home. We decided that Thomas would walk around and look for beds and I would sit down in this open coffee shop area to let Judah sleep. I sat for a few minutes and held Judah while he slept until I spotted an open couch. It was part of a little grouping of chairs and there was a lady sitting there by herself. I walked over to her with Judah in my arms and asked if I could sit with her and lay him down. I think she tried to tell me that she had people joining her but then she said okay. She ended up being a retired English teacher who has a son that's a graphic designer and went to Boston University! We had a good chat and then one of her sisters, her daughter and a niece joined us. They all spoke little English so it was a lot of them talking and me just smiling and nodding my head. Little Judah just laid there snoozing away, arms up and all sprawled out on the small couch. Then another sister and daughter joined us, it was a family gathering! The lady I originally met ended up buying me a pot of hot tea and we all sat around and drank as they chatted. One thing she kept telling me over and over was that I looked so much like her granddaughter. So much so that she pulled out several pictures of her to show me. She's about 8 years old and we really did look alike! It was so weird! We have similar eyes, face shape and smile.


Traci said...

LOVE the updates! Keep 'em coming!

Danielle said...

Hey friend! So glad you guys finally made it. Your apartment looks great :) Is this only for language or for long term? I love the view! So glad Judah is adjusting well for the most part, we know all about naps on the fly and even the non-existent, wished they had happened naps. LOL. Hang in there- Lifting you all up. PS- I would LOVE for Levi & Judah to be able to play together- I bet they would have a blast :)

Faders said...

I love, love, love reading about your big adventures. What a life! Aren't we blessed?
- Bethany