Thursday, August 09, 2012

Month one

Awesome view of our city

As always, time is flying by! It's hard to believe we've been in the ME over a month now. We've settled into our apartment now and it's starting to feel more like home every day. We're enjoying exploring our neighborhood and are starting to see familiar faces now which is nice.

Judah 1

Judah has been doing pretty well at adjusting to our new life. It's been a little hard going from all the amazing parks in Vancouver parks here. We've heard of a few in different areas of the city, but we haven't had a chance to check them out yet. He's been getting a little stir crazy because of this and it's difficult because there aren't really sidewalks on the street so we have to watch him closely and either carry him or hold him while we're out and about.

Judah 2

Also, because of our luggage restrictions we decided to mostly pack his books so not many toys made the cut. It's been a challenge finding him some decent toys to play with.! Most of the things you see in local toy shops are cheaply made and fall apart easily or are made with a million little pieces and aren't safe. We got him some things one day and they basically fell apart as soon as we got home. You can find some American brand toys but they're unbelievably expensive! Think $50-$75 more than they would be in the States. Crazy! So, we just make due with what we have and hopefully Mamaw can bring him some toys when she comes to visit! ;)

Things around

One great thing about our city is that you can get almost anything here. We've been excited to find (Thomas's favorite) salt and vinegar chips, Doritos, Dr. Pepper!, and most of our favorite candy. I've always loved packaging so it's fun seeing things we're used to with the Arabic added to the label. One thing that we thought was funny in Korea was seeing how things were spelled incorrectly in English on packaging and signs, so that's been fun to see too. One of the other pictures up top is whole goats for sale! It's hard to see in this picture, but the heads were still on, fur and all. Eek!

Things around the city 2

Here are some interesting things we've seen around - starting at the top left: Cool antiques at a local shop, graffiti in our neighborhood, an awesome lunch I had at a western-style restaurant and Coke in Arabic.


We started class 3 weeks ago yesterday and it's been a whirlwind! We've managed to cover the entire Arabic alphabet and can (sort of) read, we've covered common greetings and questions, the days of the week, numbers, telling time, colors and emotions. There are some sounds that are VERY difficult to make but we're getting there. We go to class 5 days a week for four hours a day. Needless to say, these days most of our time is spent studying!


Okay, this post was longer than I thought it was going to be. Here are a few last shots from this month. One is of some horses being led by a rope outside this guy's truck window. We got behind him in a taxi... Next is some brightly colored chicks for sale at the pet store in our local mall. Last is the longest bunch of grapes I've ever seen!

Hope everyone back home is well. Thank you for remembering us!


khbeam said...

Hey Guys... great reading your blog and updated posts. You do a really nice job of painting a colorful and realistic picture. Sounds very familiar especially about not being able to get outside and Judah getting stir crazy. We are blessed to have found some nice parks and try to get out there most weekends!
Sounds like all is well... good luck with language classes... what a struggle for Grant, but he's done pretty well overall... my encouragement for him "just pass the class son!"... take care... love you guys and we'll hope to maybe see you soon... planning to come that way at some point if even for a long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great to read your update Leslie. Keep the news coming. I enjoy keeping up with the Cranes. Love you guys.

Jeni said...

I keep meaning to tell you that I'm going to bring some toys for Judah when I come!