Saturday, September 01, 2012

Month 2 and a Special Visitor!

Found a playground!

August was a good month here! We have settled in even more and continue to learn where things are. We even found a park for Judah! Granted it's on the other side of town, but at least a nice one exists. It was fun watching him climb around and we all enjoyed laying in the grass. That's a rare find around here in the desert!

Judah Misc

At 26 months old, Judah continues to do really well. He's so flexible and just goes with the flow. Here he is chewing a piece of gum, posing topless, showing off his birthday outfit from Aunt Joan, riding his new scooter and eating spaghetti. Every day his personality shines through more and more. He has a great imagination and will pretend to do things like eat a cookie or slurp some soup out of an empty bowl. His vocabulary is growing and he can tell you what he wants in short sentences now. He's doing great eating with a fork and spoon and is starting to drink out of a cup all by himself. He also has quite the sense of humor.

Visit with Renee 1

Last week was the end of Ramadan so we had a week off of class for the Eid (which means holiday). All the Muslims holidays are determined by the cycle of the moon so we weren't sure exactly when it was going to be. As soon as we knew for sure we let Thomas's mom know and it just so happened that Thomas's dad was traveling the same week. So, after some discussion, they bought her a ticket to come and visit us! Wahoooo! It was a sweet reunion with Judah's Coco, my amazing mother-in-law.

Visit 2

We did some sightseeing around our city and saw some of the old ruins. I really enjoy all the history here. It's so different than the States where everything is relatively new. It makes me realize how little I know about the world and that I need to be reading up on where we live!

Anniversary and pool
Nutella banana pancakes, Swans in the pool for a wedding and swimming

August 20 was mine and Thomas's 7th wedding anniversary! Hard to believe ;) With Renee being here we were actually able to have a date night alone! We stayed in a nice hotel in the city and had a delicious dinner of Indian food in the restaurant there. That morning we had breakfast nearby and I had some amazing Nutella and banana pancakes. Later that afternoon Renee brought Judah to the pool at the hotel and we all went swimming. It was so much fun! Judah loves the water and we all got some sun. It was interesting being in more of a "Western" setting there at the hotel. It was a nice little getaway and felt like we weren't even in the ME anymore.

Pool by the sea

For the weekend we splurged and rented a car so we could get around a little easier. We drove down to the sea and got a day pass for a resort's pool. It had several different kiddie pools with lots of fun stuff for Judah to play on. It was very relaxing just swimming all day and hanging out with Renee. I think this was the most fun Judah's had since we've been here!


It was a great visit with Thomas's mom, aka Coco. She and Judah had a chance to bond and they both enjoyed every minute of it. Again, there was another sad goodbye. It never gets any easier. It was a sad day but we know we'll get to see Renee again sometime soon! We love you Coco!

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