Friday, October 26, 2012

Enjoying the end of Summer

We've been enjoying the last few days of Summer here in the ME before the bitter cold sets in on us. This week it officially turned Winter, although the highs still got up to 90 a couple of days the week before. This week though it has already started feeling cooler outside and we're starting to need a light jacket.

Fun at the pool!

A couple of weekends ago we decided to rent a car and make one last trip out to the beach so Judah could go swimming in the pools. He loved it and we had fun going down the slides with him. We were exhausted by the end!


Things here are still going along as usual. We're super busy with class and studying Arabic. It is HARD! Things are starting to click a little more each day though and we're picking up more vocabulary we recognize while listening to people speak. We've also begun being recognized by people in our neighborhood and wave hi to people we know as we pass them on the street, which is fun. Judah of course if a regular favorite and knows who along the path will give him treats. Believe me, he takes full advantage!

This weekend is a major holiday or "Eid" called Feast of the Sacrifice. It's the Muslim holiday that commemorates Abraham's willingness and obedience to sacrifice his son to God (and God's mercy in substituting a lamb for his son.) The major difference in the story is that they believe the son was Ishmael, not Issac, as we do as Christians. The day begins with a call to prayer (at 4am!) and is commemorated by the sacrifice of an animal, symbolizing the substitution of a provided lamb as Abraham's sacrifice instead of his son. One-third of the meat is then given to the poor and the remainder is shared with neighbors and family. We will be enjoying the holiday off of school by visiting our neighbors and spending some much needed time studying!

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