Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Exciting news!


Well it's official, we're having another baby! Wahooo! It's been so hard waiting til 12 weeks to write about it, but now I finally can. I know my mom is excited to be able to talk about it too. ;)

  12 Week Ultrasound

It's been a different experience being pregnant overseas so far, having my first pregnancy in the States to compare it to. For one, I get an ultrasound every time I go to the doctor which is really cool! I found a really great doctor here that practiced in the States and even lived in Georgia. It's a private OB practice and every time I go the doctor is very attentive and understanding to any questions I have. He also delivers at the main maternity hospital here in our city which is great. The other thing is when they weigh you it's in kilograms not pounds so it feels like you're not gaining as much weight! Until you calculate it...then reality sets in. Haha. I've actually only gained 3 kg so far which amounts to almost 7 lbs. With Judah I gained 25 lbs. but I think this time it will be less because we don't have a car and we're walking so much! Also I'm not eating Cook Out every other day for lunch, so there ya go.

The second thing that's different this go round is food cravings. Not that my cravings are different, but the fact that I don't have access to what I'm craving! Last time I was working in Cary, NC and lived close to Pei Wei, Cook Out, Chick Fil A, Bojangles, Thai restaurants and Cracker Barrel. I've really been wanting country home cooking like biscuits, green beans, fried chicken, mashed potatoes etc. To make matters worse I just read the Help, then watched the movie and there's a lot of country cooking there! My mouth was watering. Luckily I can make most of those things myself and even found a Bisquick mix for buttermilk biscuits! The things I can't get though are Pei Wei's chicken fried rice with broccoli and their spicy chicken salad, Cook Out's yummy milkshakes or onion rings, Bojangles, Chick Fil A or good Thai food. Hopefully my cravings will change and I'll start wanting more chicken shawarma, hummus and falafel!