Sunday, January 27, 2013

Being pregnant overseas...

There are a lot of things that are the same of course but a lot that is different. One thing I love is getting an ultrasound every visit to the OB. I get to see how baby girl is growing each month and hear her precious heartbeat. That's an awesome difference!

Last time when I was pregnant with Judah I really got into baby blogs and reading up about nursery ideas and shower themes. That is SO different this time. Last time we had our house in Wake Forest so it was fun to nest and plan out a nursery. This time we're in a furnished apartment that's temporary so we don't have a lot of our "homey" things. There won't be a nursery with a theme and all the comforts from home. And that's okay. A lot has changed this time around and with number two you realize how much less you actually "need" to take care of a newborn. Does it matter if you have a crib with a $300 mattress and special crib sheets? Not so much. As long as she's fed, changed and comfortable, she'll be fine.

As far as a shower goes, that won't be the same either. Last time it was really special to go back home and be surrounded by people that loved us and knew us well to support us with things we'd need. I'd be lying if I didn't say it was hard to be away from those people during such a special time in my life. I miss being able to share this experience with my mom and my friends from back home. Thankfully there is a good community here of other expat believers and everyone who has a baby is well supported, so that's a major blessing!

I can't believe I'm over half way through this pregnancy now at 24 weeks! At my last visit to the doctor I asked AGAIN about the sex and he said, definitely a girl! We finally decided on a name, Sofia Grace. We went with the "f" instead of "ph" because it's more common here to use an "f". There's actually an Arab name, Safia, which is really similar and means pure or sincere friend. We also talked about calling her Sofie for short. So excited.

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