Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life Update!

In January while we were in the Gulf visiting friends, we were able to travel to a nearby country for a few days. It's so interesting to see how the countries in Middle East differ from one another. One of the things we really enjoyed on our short trip was the availability of some of our my favorite restaurants! Pei Wei, Red Lobster and Olive Garden oh my! I was seriously in preggo lady heaven! I think my favorite was everything at Pei Wei and the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster. I couldn't get enough! Another thing I enjoyed was visiting Ikea. It's the biggest one in the Gulf. I can't wait to be able to shop there more often and get our next apartment really organized with all their cute stuff!


Another thing we loved about the city we visited was the beaches! There were a lot of nice views and the skyline was pretty too. We love big cities and this one really drew us in. We can't wait to go back!


We finally headed back to our country mid-January and had a week to recover from our travels before we started language study again. I've been cutting Judah's hair but we took the time to go get his haircut for the first time here. It was really an experience! The man that cut it did such a great job and was really patient and thorough. I think he even applied gel to Judah's hair two separate times! It was quite the 'do when he was finally finished. Thomas got his hair cut too and got the same treatment with all the gel. Aren't they a pair?


Classes are going okay, it's SO hard! We're really trying to stay focused and motivated but it's hard some days. We've gotten pretty good at reading and writing so now if we can get all the vocabulary and verb conjucations to stick we'll be doing good! 


My pregnancy continues to go well also and I'm 7 months now, 3rd trimester! Sofie is moving around a lot and making it more difficult for me to walk long distances and roll over in bed. Judah has become a lot more aware of what's going on and can tell you that baby Sofie is in my belly. He's told me that he's ready for her to come out and that she'll have her own girl toys to play with. He'll even say he's thankful for her when we say prayers at night, so sweet! 


Thomas and I were able to go out on a date for Valentine's Day thanks to some friends that babysat Judah for us. We had a nice dinner at an Asian restaurant and went to a movie. He even bought me flowers!


It's been a COLD winter in our apartment and we're looking forward to Winter finally ending and Spring beginning so we can stop wearing long johns indoors 24/7!