Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekend at the Red Sea

Beginning of the race
This past weekend Thomas ran in a 150 mile relay race from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea called Dead to Red. He's been looking forward to it for quite some time so we were excited when the time had finally arrived! There were 10 people per team and 38 teams. Everyone on each team took turns running and had to complete the race in 24 hours. Thomas's team finished in 20 hours!
Finishing the race!

Since the race was so long I decided to meet Thomas at the hotel after the race. It was really nice because being a participant got us a great discount. While we were in the lobby waiting on Thomas to check in, Judah was intrigued by the water fountain and was splashing his hands in it a little bit. Then he turns to sit on the edge and I tried to turn him back around so he didn't get his feet in the water. That's when he lost his balance and went head first into the fountain! Luckily I caught him so he didn't hit his head or anything but he was soaked!
The fountain 

The weather that afternoon was almost 90! Thomas was exhausted after running all night so he crashed in the room while Judah and I hit up the swimming pool. He had an awesome time jumping off the edge of the pool as I caught him, over...and over...and over. That night there was a big banquet for all the race participants and we had lots of food from an awesome buffet. 

View from our balcony 

The next day Thomas was a little more rested and was able to swim in the pool with us. We had so much fun!


We walked down to the Red Sea for a few minutes to stick our feet in. The water was cold!

31 week belly! Woah!

Playing at the playground

It was a nice break to get out of our city and visit someplace new and Thomas had fun completing the race with some friends. Hooray for little escapes!

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