Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April 2013

A lot has happened in the past month! Hopefully we'll be more diligent about updating the blog after Sofia arrives. I'm almost 38 weeks and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This pregnancy has been a little bit tough on me physically compared to my first. We don't have a car here and walk to our classes every day which isn't bad because it's not far, but coming home is rough because it's uphill almost the entire way. But it's almost over, wahoo!

Posing with my diaper owl!

One of the highlights of this past month was my baby shower! A few of my good friends here hosted it for me and a lot of ladies showed up for it. Some of them I've never even met before! It was really sweet. They knew I liked owls so that was the theme and they did a really great job decorating everything to match. I got lots of really cute clothes, diapers and wipes and other useful items. I enjoyed washing all those little pink clothes and putting them away in her (and Judah's) room. 


Delicious food


Another highlight of the month was a trip back to the beach. We had a few days off of class so we wanted to take advantage of our last moments together as a family of 3. Judah really loves the water! I wish we could take him to swimming lessons because I really think he'd catch on and be swimming in no time. You can go swimming in our city at any of the many Western hotels, but it's pretty expensive for a day pass so we won't be able to do that often. We also really enjoyed the free breakfast that came with our hotel stay, complete with omelette bar, waffle bar, lots of fruit, pastries, fresh squeezed juices and American style coffee. My mouth is watering just thinking of it again!

Father and son in the pool

Sunset view

Building sand castles

Here's my belly picture from last week. I think this is the first picture of Judah where he's actually attempted to smile when asked, love it. He's going to be a good big brother. So for now, counting down the days...

Belly 36 Weeks
36 weeks


Amy said...

hey Leslie,
i love reading your posts! so glad your friends gave you such a sweet shower! congratulations on Sofia Grace, she is beautiful! i know that your mom can't wait to meet her! i'm sure Judah will be a great big brother! We keep you guys in our prayers!!!
take care,
amy wright

Kathy Dotson said...

Hey Leslie & Thomas, and congratulations on Sofie's long-awaited debut into the world!! She is so angelic. I think she looks like her big brother did when he was born. It certainly looks like mom & dad did remarkably well through her arrival! I can't wait to see pictures of Judah with his baby sister. Always thinking and praying for y'all!
Aunt Lynn