Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two weeks old!

A rare moment with her eyes open

Well, Sofia is now two weeks old! Her due date is this coming Monday the 19th, pretty crazy. She's had two doctor's appointments so far and is doing great! My milk came in pretty quick and she's a great eater so she hasn't lost any weight but has gained a pound and 3 oz and now weighs 7 lbs 3 oz! She's also gained length and is now 20.5 inches. She's sleeping and eating well and we're feeling super blessed. Everyone said, "don't get used to it because your next one won't be this good!" after Judah was born, but so far she's proving them wrong!

Cuddling with mom

Thomas spent a lot of time running around last week to get Sofia's Jordanian birth certificate translated into English then we had our appointment at the Embassy to get her passport. Now hopefully she'll be legal in 7 to 10 days. Inshallah. (That's an Arabic saying that means, God willing) 

Big brother
Big brother

Judah is doing well with her also and loves to hold her and give her kisses on the cheek. It's really sweet to see how much he loves his little sister. 

Big brother

We were excited to welcome Thomas's parents here on the 10th and have been having so much fun! They came bearing lots of gifts for Sofia and Judah and have been giving them both lots of needed attention. They've been taking Judah to the park and playground a lot and he's been having fun with all his new Toy Story toys. 

Babu and Coco
Babu and Coco with Sofia

They've also been getting lots of snuggles in with Sofia. It's been great having an extra two set of arms around! Renee's been spoiling us too by cooking and helping us wash all Sofia's dirty clothes since our washer decided to bite the dust this week. Luckily our landlord bought us a new one so we can start washing our own clothes again. It's hard to keep up when little lady goes through three outfits a night ;)

Wrestling with Babu
Wrestling with Babu

Last night we went to one of our new favorite restaurants for Turkish food. We got a big family meal with hummus, baba ghanoush, fresh bread, grilled chicken, lamb and kebabs (minced lamb with spices). It was delicious!

I think we made the clean plate club!

He wouldn't look at the camera!

We're looking forward to the weekend and maybe going to see some sites. It's so nice having family here to share in our joy of Sofia's arrival and to watch them get to spend time with Judah. Life is good.

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Kristen said...

LOVE that picture of you & Judah!! So sweet. Cannot wait to meet Sofia :) And thanks for giving me hope for our second child (when that eventually comes), that they will be as easy as Chandler.