Thursday, December 12, 2013

November 2013

November was a great month! Not only did we get some awesome packages in the mail but we had some visitors, hung out with new friends and celebrated my birthday! Here are just a few of the highlights from this past month.

Awesome package from our friend Mindy!!

Sofia got a walker

I learned how to make biscuits

Judah looking more grown up every day

Sofia and Carie

Amanda came to visit!

My fun apron made by and sent from our friend Connie B

Visiting friends and trying an orange

Sofie looking grown up too

Another BIG highlight from November was a visit from my mom, but that deserves it's own post. ;) I can't believe it's already December and that Christmas is just weeks away! Lots to look forward to this coming year!

Wadi Rum


Last month was our friend Susan's 30th birthday so we wanted to go do something fun with her. There are lots of fun outdoorsy places here in our country so we decided to go check out a place called Wadi Rum.



Happy birthday Suz!!

Thomas and Judah climbing a huge sand dune

In Arabic, wadi means valley. We drove out of the city into the desert. We were met by our Bedouin tour guide who picked us up in a pickup truck and we all loaded in the back. Judah wasn't sure what to think about all the bouncing around. We need to toughen this guy up! He's such a city kid!


After we had a tour all around the wadi we stopped at our campsite. There were about 8 tents, and I use that term loosely because they were really nice, were elevated off the ground and all had beds/cots in them.

Our campsite

Then we gathered with the Bedouins who did our tour along with a few other people at our same site and ate a delicious meal. It was baked chicken and vegetables and the method of cooking is called "zerb." It's where a hole is dug in the sand and the food is all wrapped up and placed underneath the sand with a fire built on top of it. It was very simple but so delicious.

Judah made me a "cookie"


Sofia in the tent

Judah really had a blast climbing on the rocks and playing in the sand with his toys. We had a great time getting out of the city and really enjoyed our tour. We can't wait to go do it again sometime soon.