Saturday, May 03, 2014


Judah and me with my Aunts Phyllis and Kathy

One of the hardest things about living overseas is being away from family. Let's be honest, that's THE hardest thing. You can get used to not having certain things from back home, but family is not one of them. I come from a small family. My mom's an only child and my dad has two sisters. Had. Both of my aunts have passed away in the past 6 months. It's a hard thing to grasp really. Cancer. Evil, evil thing that it is. It's taken 3 of my immediate family members in the past few years, my aunts and my grandmother. Just last week it claimed my youngest aunt, Phyllis at the age of only 53.

Matching hats

I have some of the best memories of my aunt Phyllis. She always made me laugh and had a great sense of humor. Anytime someone commented on my southern accent I'd respond with, "You think this is something? You should hear my aunt Phyllis talk!" I remember going to her house when I was little, riding horses and playing outside. It was always so much fun. And boy did she love Judah and Sofia. Her face would just light up any time they were mentioned.

Great visit

I'm so so thankful that I was able to fly back home in February to visit her and bring along Sofia. It was the trip of a lifetime to be able to surprise her! We showed up at the door and she had no idea we were coming. It was awesome. She just kept saying, "How did this happen!? How did this happen!?" We had great conversations during those two weeks. One of the most important ones being about how much she loves Jesus as her Lord and Savior. What a balm to the soul knowing that someone you love will be embraced into the arms of Jesus when they leave this world and enter the next. So today, my amazing aunt Phyllis is in heaven with the ultimate Healer. Walking around a lake perhaps, with my Mamaw Houser and Great Grandma Haynes or maybe riding a horse. You've left a hole in our lives but you'll always be in our hearts.

I love you and I'll always miss you. You were an amazing aunt.

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Jeni said...

In reading this post again my eyes filled with tears! This is so hard. I know you'll miss her.