Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sofia's 1st Birthday

Birthday Girl!

Well, baby girl is one year old! She's lived in two countries and has visited 3 others. She's got quite the number of stamps in the ole passport. It blows my mind to think that just one year ago I was in the hospital giving birth.

First family picture
1 Year Ago

For her birthday party we had a little get together with some friends and Sofia celebrated with her very own cake. To decorate, I took advantage of my Pinterest board and actually made something instead of just pinning away and pretending something would manifest itself. I was able to find some cute fabric here and made a little banner, then I made some balls from tissue paper, but my favorite was Sofia's little tutu!  It was super easy to put together and made for some great pics. She looked so cute and girly in it.

Decorations and tutu

With the 90 degree-plus heat though, the cake icing melted just going from the car to inside the building where we had the party! Of course, Sofia didn't mind, but it didn't make for the best picture. Oh well!

Melted cake 
Sofia wasn't quite sure at first what to think about the cake, but as soon as she got a taste of the icing, she dove right in head first! I'm not sure how much cake she really ate, but she had icing dripping from her elbows by the end.

Eating Cake
Eating Cake

Big brother with the birthday girl

The Aftermath
Happy birthday Sofia! It's hard to believe you're one already. You've mastered crawling and have started to stand on your own. You even took a step the other day! You can say mama, doodah (Judah) and oo oo oooo (peek a boo) while doing the motions. You really enjoy bath time and always pretend to brush your hair when we're done. You're a real sweetheart that loves to cuddle and is always smiling. I'm looking forward to what the next year holds. 
So happy
One. Proud. Mama.

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