Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We love Mamaw!

Waiting on Mamaw
Judah waiting anxiously at the airport

She's here!
After waiting almost an hour, she finally arrived!

It's kind of become the custom for my mom to visit us on her birthday. It's always extra special because it happens to be Judah's birthday too! This was her first time visiting us in our new city. There were lots of new things to see and do. Of course the first thing she asked for was a cupcake shop so she could buy some cupcakes for Judah!

Cupcake store


Of course when Mamaw comes there are gifts involved. Below is Sofia in a new dress (Thanks Lois!), Judah having Arabic breakfast with one of our local friends, showing off his new superhero hat and t-shirt and Sofia posing on the camel at the toy store with her new Elmo doll. 


Things are a lot different in our new city. We have a car now! There are lots of parks, some with grass! (I really took grass for granted back in NC.) And because of the car we got to do fun things like, an impromptu visit to the ice cream shop!

Funtimes around town

One day after class we went to check out an old fort dating back to the sixth century A.D. It was only about 105 degrees, but we had fun seeing something new. Hey, she said she likes the heat!

Walking around the Fort

Next up was the weekend and Judah and Mom's birthdays! We had a small party at our apartment and then went bowling and to ride some rides at the mall. I think they had a pretty good birthday!

Birthday cake


Judah riding his new scooter, birthday bowling and a carousel

One day after class we went to check out a new restaurant that we heard had great salads and it did not disappoint!

Lunch with mom

Swimming with Mamaw
Swimming in our pool
Swimming with Mamaw

One of my mom's last days we went to the Sheikh Isa House which was built in the 19th century. It's the house of the current king's great-great-grandfather. I enjoyed seeing the old architecture and getting a glimpse of what royal life was like back then.


The last few days flew by. We drove to the middle of the dessert to see the Tree of Life and just had a lot of quality time together.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

Now that we've been here a few months we're starting to establish some favorite restaurants. Of of them is an Arabic restaurant that has family seating. A lot of Arab restaurants will have seating for men downstairs and family seating upstairs. These booths are segregated and curtained off so that women can remove their hijabs or head coverings and eat without any other men seeing their hair or faces. 

Family seating curtain
Mom in our family booth

Lunch at an Arabic restaurant

One last pic with Mamaw before she gets back on the airplane to leave.

Don't go Mamaw
Do you have to go Mamaw?

Come back soon!


Anonymous said...

It was so much fun! You were a great host! Wish I was still there! Love you


Jeni said...

What's fun post!! Glad you got to have her visit!

Luxury Apartments Resident said...

What fantastic photos! It's great to see that you had such a lovely time.