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Hello, and welcome to
Everything Crane!

This blog was started in 2005, shortly after we got married. It is a way to keep our friends and family connected to our lives. 

To be added to our update list or to ask us a question about anything, please email everythingcrane(at)gmail.com.

About Us

Leslie is a graphic designer from Cherryville, NC. She loves Sun-Drop, Shake Shop cheeseburgers and all things crafty. Leslie also has a personal blog where you can check out some of her creative inspirations.

When people ask Thomas where he's from he never quite knows what to say, and until recently he had never lived in one place for more than 4 years. He spent most of his middle school and high school years in Kenya and loves to travel and eat Ethiopian food.

Judah was born May, 2010 in Raleigh, NC and he's shaping up to be a world traveler as well! 

Thanks for stopping by! We invite you to continue the journey with us... 
1 John 4:19